Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ABetterStay.com Review

Looking for a place to stay during your vacation? Need a little more privacy than your typical hotel offers?

ABetterStay.com boasts a great service; it features a database of less traditional accommodations - resorts, timeshares, and condos, among other things. Some options are a bit on the pricey side, but the investment involved in many of the listings here is less than you'll find at some of the best hotels. In addition, the quality of the places listed is outstanding.

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How to Find the Best Hotel

Are you one of those business men or women, who spend half of their lives on an airplane and in a hotel room? Or are you the average American, who hops on a plane once a year for that annual family vacation? Either way, you're probably in need of some decent lodging. This is why it's imperative to browse around for the best hotel and lodging deals.

I'm not sure how anyone went about this in the past. I'd say you were pretty lucky if you could book a decent hotel room before arriving at your destination. Well folks, times are certainly changing. These days you no longer have to fret about motel hells and seedy lodgings that over-charge you for a flea-infested closet of a room. This is all thanks to hotel search engines. You can take advantage of this technology in order to pinpoint that ideal hotel room and enjoy your stay.

Did you take advantage of hotel search engines on your last vacation? The World Wide Web has a deluge of benefits to offer the common folk now days. That is why I love it. Even all of us so called "middle class" families can take advantage of the best deals. It's not just reserved for the aristocrats and celebrities. Cyberspace is there to aid us all. I like to use hotel search engines any time I travel. I love the way I can punch in a destination and get flooded with results regarding the area and all lodging options. This way I can open each hotel's website and do some investigating. I can see what the rooms look like and how the surroundings of the hotel appear. I can even check to see if there is a pool and Jacuzzi available. So many hotels provide virtual tours now days. This reveals all the necessities. You no longer have to guess if the hotel is satisfactory or not. Furthermore, you can find out where the lodging is located exactly. Maybe you want one in a downtown area.

Are you planning a big vacation for you and the family? It is about that time of year. Well, one thing you want to be certain of is your lodging. Don't wait until you hit your destination to book a last minute hotel room. Get online and take advantage of hotel search engines. Reserve that perfect hotel room and have it all taken care of before you even head out the door. You will be glad you did. This way you will have more time to relax with the family. Not to mention hotel search engines will save you some cash.

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Autumn Hotel

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Finding Cheap Hotel Rates

The days of showing up at a hotel and paying whatever price is posted are over simply because it is so easy to find cheap and discounted hotel rates online. Some people still call up a hotel to make reservations and pay whatever the rate is, however people are wising up to the many cheap hotel rates to be found online and since saving money is always a motivating factor many people are shopping and booking online and as a result are receiving cheap hotel rates for the same room in the same hotel for the same dates.

What you may not know is there are many websites online that focus solely on providing you with discount hotels, flights, care rentals and the like. So, finding cheap hotel rates is as simple as searching online. To find cheap hotel rates you first need to get on the Internet. Once there, you should go to a search engine to search for cheap hotel rates. Be specific when using the search engine, however, because you will want to find as much specific information on cheap hotel rates as possible while weeding out other information. Keep in mind as well that if you do not find the cheap hotel rates you are looking for on one search engine you can always try another. However, you will find the best cheap hotel information on some of the larger search engines.

Once you receive your cheap hotel results all that is left to do is start researching the websites. While many websites will have similar discount rates, some will be more expensive while others will have the lowest cheap hotel rates. This requires a little bit of research, but when it comes down to saving a lot of money and cheap hotel rates it is worth it.

Enter the hotel information or the general location where you are interested in staying, and then search for cheap hotel rates. You will be surprised at the difference if you already called to request rates from the same hotels.

Once you have found the cheap hotel rates that meet your needs, simply book online and always write down your confirmation number so you will have your cheap hotel rates.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HotelPlanner.com Review

Looking for a good group rate for an event you're planning? We've found another good website that can help you get a good rate on some rooms.

HotelPlanner.com is a good resource for anybody looking for a hotel; not only does it help you find available rooms at decent rates, but it can also help you out with car rentals, flights, and even cruises. However, it seems that the site's thrust is geared more toward those who are looking for group rates. That said, you may find it most helpful if you're planning an out-of-town wedding, for instance.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

HotelsCombined.com Review

You might have noticed that in the last post, there is a link to HotelsCombined.com. Now it's time for a review ^_^

Nowadays, it can be very tricky to find hotels with availability at a reasonable price. There are so many sites you can search that have a number of viable options. So, how would you like to have the search results within your price range all in one place? We have found that HotelsCombined.com serves a very good purpose in that regard.

What's cool about this site is that it not only searches all the major hotel search sites, but it can filter the result according to the price range you're looking for. It's a real time-saver, and it's worth giving a shot.

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Hotels Combined PTY LTD

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Is Hotel The Rich Cousin of Motel?

Here's an interesting article from an author by the name of "thennns" about hotels that you might find interesting.

No one can claim he/she has not stayed in a hotel at least once in life. For those traveling for business, pleasure or for that matter, any other reason, hotels have come to become home away from their homes. Why travelers prefer hotels over motels when all they provide are same? Well, motels by far differ from hotels in their functionality, additional services, and construction. Motels have their room doors opening to exteriors to their driveway while hotel rooms open to interiors. Apart from other regular guest services that hotels provide, you can also plan your business meetings, conferences or even large conventions in some hotels, which is a far cry at motels. What is more, even the locations of hotels are also conveniently located unlike the traditional motels, which invariably cater to highway travelers who just stay by night.

The word hotel has originated from French, which referred to townhouse before being known universally as it is today.

What Is Star Classification of Hotels
The star classification of hotels indicates the type and quality of service available at any hotel. The enormous explosion of tourism in the last century has necessitated star classification for the benefit of discerning tourist public.

International and national tourism agencies along with respective governments rate and classify hotels on a scale of one to five stars. However, if you thought there is a standards body which classifies all the hotels of this world, here, you are in for a surprise. The attempts by interested industry captains have failed thus far and the standardization has been elusive till date.

What Do Star Ratings Mean
Briefly the ratings mean this:
One star: An inexpensive, low budget hotel which may not have maid or room service. Quite affordable by middle class
Two star: Marginally expensive and may have once a day maid service
Three star: A budget hotel which boasts of maid and room service, internet and health club service in addition to having a swimming pool
Four star: Expensive hotels by even middle class travelers; offers many luxury services in addition to aforementioned services
Five star: Stands testimony to final word in luxury and are very expensive anywhere in the world. They offer countless innovative extras. Some of them boast of private airports and golf courses.

If you thought this was all, sample this. There are some unusual hotels too.
- Treehouse hotels
- Underwater hotels
- Cave hotels
- Ice hotels etc

Hotels are not far behind in records making. For example: Burj-al-Arab, Dubai, is the tallest hotel at 321 meters and the honors for being largest hotel goes to Ambassador City Jomtien with 5100 rooms at Pattaya Thailand.

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